Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pack Four

Pack 4 +12
157 Kent Hrbek
263 Charlie Puleo
10 Randy Milligan
129 Teddy Higuera
443 Vince Coleman
22 Rob Murphy
171 John Candelaria
352 Mike Davis
32 Wade Boggs
212 Rich Renteria
371 Bob Ojeda
93 Jack Morris

Pretty good pack today, another Hall of Famer and one of the top pitchers of the 1980s.

But first let's look at today's sweepstakes card.

It's a reprint of a 1954 Bowman Ted Williams that according to the back of the card, was worth an estimated $1,500 in 1989. It's a nice looking card and very similar to the design Topps chose for 1989.

Here's 2005 first ballot Hall of Fame inductee Wade Boggs. It's a spring training shot, most likely taken in Winter Haven, Florida.

I wish I had more of the '89 Topps set so I could compare the photography. '89 Topps may be my next project.

Despite a 6-14 record in 1989, Jack Morris was the winningest pitcher of the 1980s, finishing the decade with 162 wins and five top ten Cy Young finishes. He was also known to throw a wild pitch or two, leading the AL in '83, '84, '85, '87, '91 and '94.

Morris finished his career with a 254-186 record.