Monday, March 23, 2009

Pack Six

Pack 6 +12
467 Scott Garrelts
193 Terry Steinbach
306 Tom Browning
101 Matt Nokes
360 Tim Burke
57 Jerry Reuss
44 Bill Schroeder
361 Nelson Santovenia
326 Alex Trevino
261 Mel Stottlemyer
138 Joey Meyer
403 Tom Herr

Nothing really great to speak of today. Tom Browning had an ok career, but he gave up a lot of home runs. Look at 1988 in particular. He gave up 36 home runs and still managed an 18-5 record.

There are two cards that I do want to touch on a bit though.

1989 was Jerry Reuss' final full season in the majors, he pitched in four games in 1990. He had a long and relatively productive career, including a no-hitter in 1980. But what I really wanted to show with this card was another nice signature placement. Instead of trying to stick it down at the bottom where it would be almost entirely obscured by the black jersey, they choose to put it over the blue sky. There are no signatures that are unreadable in this set, but there are certainly some that could have benefitted from better placement.

The second card I want to feature today is one of the father and son subset cards.

1955 Bowman meets 1989 television technology. The back of the card tells us where to find Mel Jr. and Todd. The other father/son cards are Sandy Alomar, Ken Griffey and Cal Ripken. Maybe we'll get to see those before the box is over.

So far I'm happy with the box. Six packs in and no doubles have shown up yet. I don't want to jinx it though.