Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching up... four packs...

I really haven't been in the mood for writing lately, not sure why, just not feeling it I guess.

Here's four packs to get us caught up and I'll try to get back into the swing of things for the last five packs.

I'm going to skip pictures and a lot of text for this post just to get caught up, I promise more in the way of writing and pictures for the final five though.

Pack 28 +6
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
177 Ken Phelps
215 Alvin Davis
24 John Dopson
227 Jim Sundberg
268 Mike Aldrete
210 Harold Reynolds

298 Andre Dawson
216 Edgar Martinez
295 Jerome Walton
398 Pat Combs
451 Bruce Hurst
188 Dave Stewart

Pack 29 +12
241 Mike Flanagan
118 Mike Macfarlane
46 Dick Schofield
122 Frank White
200 Dave Henderson
315 Joel Youngblood
297 Dwight Smith
378 Dave Proctor
401 Ricky Jordon
290 Ryne Sandberg
231 Jeff Kunkel
128 Danny Tartabull

Pack 30 +7
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
353 Bryn Smith
437 Terry Pendleton
47 Wally Joyner
317 Dave Smith
108 Chet Lemon

70 Daryl Boston
52 Claudell Washington
71 Dave Gallagher
182 Bob Brower
377 Sid Fernandez
65 Robin Ventura
407 Ron Jones

A note of interest is a block of five instead of six. I'm thinking these cards are from one of the top or bottom corners of the sheet.

Pack 31 +12
375 David Cone
197 Mark McGwire
363 Spike Owen
321 Juan Agosto
357 Brian Holman
284 Greg Maddux
417 Ken Oberkfell
130 Don August
468 Wil Tejada
229 Buddy Bell
268 Steve Avery
165 Dave LaPoint

Great pack here. Maddux and McGwire. But most importantly, a second Steve Avery rookie so that I can have one in the '89 Bowman binder and one in my player collection.

And with five packs left, I'm very close to the goal of 70% completion. In fact, with a good pack tomorrow, I could hit 70%.