Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm an impatiend little feller

Impulse got the better of me and I went ahead and ordered a box of '88 Fleer. Well, I got a good deal on it ($10 + $4.99 shipping), so I couldn't pass it up. So hopefully by the end of next week, this place will be the 1988 Fleer Blog. I'm gonna work on a few banner ideas tonight and let the readers decide which to use.

Graphics editing has never been my strong point. I had to learn Page Maker in college, but never worked with PhotoShop much. So I'm just a' learnin'. I used GIMP for the Bowman banner and I must say I think it came out pretty well. So hopefully I can do as well with an '88 Fleer banner.

I may have to call this place "8889 Fleerman" until the Bowman set is complete though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben - Saw your blog about the Fleer 1988 cards. I have ten boxes of sealed Fleer 1988 cards if you are looking for more cards for this set. Willing to go $13 a box plus shipping.