Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pack Twenty-Six

Pack 26 +12
103 Lou Whitaker
478 Candy Maldonado
112 Floyd Banniester
303 Ron Robinson
74 John Farrell
80 Tom Candiotti
60 Jeff Bittiger
350 Mike Marshall
409 Bob Walk
136 Chuck Crim
396 Floyd Youmans
484 Checklist

Nothing. Nothing at all to show today. I got the final checklist (and last card in the set). With this pack we're entering the home stretch, ten to go.

I have always been interested in Bob Walk. As a parent, with a son interested in baseball and a last name like Walk, wouldn't it be a great service to your child to persuade him to be anything but a pitcher?

Being a pitcher worked out ok for Mr. Walk, though he did to batters what his name implies more times than a manager would like. If I were Bob Walk though, I think I'd have chosen first base, or at least changed my name to Armando Strikeout on my 18th birthday.