Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pack Twenty-Eight

Pack 28 +14
(upgraded cards are indicated by bold blue text)
604 Tom Candiotti
247 Ron Robinson
103 George Bell
459 Robbie Wine
395 Jose DeLeon
426 Jamie Moyer
160 Mark Clear
552 Ozzie Virgil
376 Mike Kingery
83 Atlee Hammaker
57 Mike Henneman
592 Lance McCullers
557 Ken Dixon
511 Tim Crews
289 Steve Ontiveros

No music again today, I've got the Braves and Pirates on.

I've for three pitchers for you today.

With the Braves sudden release of Tom Glavine last week, and Maddux retiring at the end of last season, Jamie Moyer is right off the top of my head the last active player in this set.

Jamie Moyer reminds me a bit of John Smoltz. No matter how old they get, they always look the same. Take a rookie card of either player and compare it to one from 2008 or 2009 and they haven't changed a bit. It's unsettling.

Moyer's having a rough season so far. He's a Phillie, but I'd still like to see him have a good year.

I'm not sure if I like this card or not. It's nice that you can almost see his grip on the ball. But I just can't tell if this is a practice shot or an in game shot. At the angle that the picture is taken, you'd expect to see a middle infielder, umpire or at least an outfielder back there, but it's oddly vacant. But there's a very, very black wall back there, so maybe everyone else was airbrushed out?

It's got a lot going for it, but a few strikes against it.

This card I do like. Not much is going on, but I never could figure out pitching, and seeing the grip on a ball is nice. I can throw an acceptable curve ball, but fancy pants stuff like change ups and sliders and all that jazz don't work.

We're in the home stretch, eight packs left. My goal is still 75%, I should be able to do it, maybe a bit more.