Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pack Twenty-Five

Pack 25 +15
625 Classic Relief
41 Greg Mathews
202 Brad Arnsberg
336 Junior Ortiz
4 Bert Blyleven
643 Major League Prospects (Felix Fermin, Jessie Reid)
120 Rance Mulliniks
272 Gary Thurman
30 Ken Dayley
343 Marty Barrett
182 Mike Fitzgerald
601 Chris Bando
428 Paul Noce
412 Kenny Williams
508 Dave Anderson

Pack Ripping Music: Opeth: Watershed (2008)

This is without a doubt my favorite band in the world. Opeth transcends heavy metal and creates something very unique. It was written in one of the guitar magazines a few years back that if Opeth didn't exist "it would necessary to create them." This video is from some Sweedish (I assume) TV morning show. I've been a fan of these guys since the late 90s, but the first time I heard this album and, in particular, this song was like a religious experience.

Give it a listen, you'll like it.

Now, baseball cards.

Felix Fermin was a light hitting, but good defensive shortstop. Despite not hitting for much power, Fermin rarely struck out. In 480 at bats in 1993, he struck out on 14 times. In 2767 career at bats, he struck out a grand total of 147 times.

But, in the end he will probably be best remembered as being included in a package that sent Omar Vizquel to the Cleveland Indians.

Jessie Reid was drafted in 1980 by the Giants and made his Major League debut on September 9, 1987. In a career that lasted until April 11, 1988, Reid played in eight games and recorded 10 at bats with one hit. That one hit, however, was a home run.

Leading off the top of the second inning on September 27, 1987 against Padres pitcher Jimmy Jones, Reid went deep. It was the first run in an eventual Giants 5-3 victory over the last place Padres.

Reid played at Triple-A Tacoma in 1989 but was finished after that season.

Ok. I can accept Dave Righetti as Classic Relief, even if he had only been in the pen for four years at the time. I can't accept Dan Plesac as Classic Relief even if he was an All Star in '87 and saved 23 games. 1986 was his first season in the Major Leagues... you can't be a classic after two years. Sorry Dan. Come back in 1995 and then maybe you can be a classic reliever.

What? This isn't how it's supposed to work. At least it's not a surfboard. Silly Fleer.

Was Ken Dayley ambidexterous? Could he or did he pitch with both hands?