Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pack Thirty

Pack 29 +14
(upgraded cards are indicated by bold blue text)
547 Gerald Perry
558 Jim Dwyer
445 Glenn Davis
380 Mike Morgan
647 Major League Prospects (Chris Gwynn/Peter Smith)
51 Doyle Alexander
492 Ruppert Jones
468 Greg Harris
88 Jeff Leonard
278 Storm Davis
590 Shane Mack
363 Kevin Romine
128 Wally Backman
223 Wayne Tolleson
150 Doug Sisk

This is yesterday's pack. I didn't get a post up yesterday because I was cooking all day. Not to brag, but I make amazing barbequed grilled chicken.

Anyhoo... this wasn't a great pack, but it'll do.

I'm hoping a Red Sox fan can help me make some sense out of this. I'm thinking this is a spring training shot because it doesn't look like Fenway and there's what looks like an old Angels hat on a fan on the right side of the picture.

Any ideas?

Chris Gwynn wasn't quite the hitter his older brother was, but he did provide the game winning hit in a 1996 game against the Dodgers that clinched the division for the Padres. Chris was a much better defensive player than offensive though, and made only four errors in 383 total chances for his career.

Pete Smith is best known for his time in Atlanta, where he pitched mostly as a fifth starter. Though he only pitched for the Braves during the later half of 1992, he went 7-0 with a 2.05 ERA with two complete games, but that was his only winning season.

Pete Smith last pitched in 1999 with Memphis of the Pacific Coast League.

Do not stare directly into the Dwyer.

Come back later for pack 30...