Friday, June 5, 2009

Pack Twenty-Three

Pack 23 +15
360 Jody Reed
142 Roger McDowell
216 Mike Pagliarulo
334 Jose Lind
6 Randy Bush
317 Jeff Stone
618 Pat Tabler
230 Kal Daniels
124 Willie Upshaw
442 Rocky Childress
396 Richard Dotson
425 Keith Moreland
166 Ted Higuera
537 Jeff Dedmon
382 Donnell Nixon

Pack Ripping Music: Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage (2002)

This is an old school death metal supergroup fronted by Mikael Akerfeldt. Akerfeldt, when not covered with fake blood, is best known as the frontman of the prog-metal band Opeth. Opeth is without a doubt my favorite band in the world.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding some cards to post, this was a pretty bland pack. There are no great player, and no great or poor photography.

Soooooo... these four will have to do.

If this weren't so shadowy it would be a much better looking card. But, still, we can see that wonderful old Blue Jays uniform. I was so happy to see them wear the powder blue jersey again last year.

Wow. Look at Willie's 1983 season. I never knew he put up numbers like that.

You don't see a lot of cards of a player bunting.

In his career, Keith Moreland recorded 18 sacrifice bunts and one bunt single. Since this is actually Jody Davis... Jody Davis also had 18 sac bunts, but no bunt hits.

According to reader Hiflew, there is a corrected version of this card.

Richard Dotson has two arms sprouting from his ass, and one of them looks to be wearing a middle-infielder's glove. That couldn't have been comfortable on the way out.

How could I leave you without a posting a guy named Rocky.

That's it. Bland and uninspired. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.


hiflew said...

That Keith Moreland is not actually him. The picture is actually of Jody Davis. It was one of the corrected errors in this set. The actual picture of Moreland is very similar except he is in full batting stance rather than bunting.

Ben said...

hmmm... well I learned something new. Thank you. Time to go do some editin'.