Monday, July 6, 2009

Pack Five

Pack 5 +15

104 Scott Bailes - Atypical for this set is a very nice, crisp photograph. I like that you can see his grip on the ball.

94 Orel Hershiser - A pitcher batting? What is this demonry!

Hershiser knew how to handle himself with a bad and compiled a .201 average with 50 RBIs in 18 seasons. Not too bad.

If I pull a second copy of this card, I'll probably send it off for another autograph from Mr. Hershiser. The '88 Score and Topps he sent back are beautiful, and I found an extra '89 Topps that would look nice with an autograph.

84 Greg Mathews - Ah. Mr. Mathews. The man with a few unexplained votes for 1987 NL Rookie of the Year. Even after hearing from his girlfriend a few months ago, I still don't have an accurate ending to the story. Maybe an email to her could possibly get Greg himself to tell us what was going on.

This is a great looking card, again a nice view of his grip on the ball. And there's two guys out in the bullpen just relaxing before the phone rings.

Dodger stadium?

415 Brian Fisher - I really like the old Pirates logo with the new one on the shoulder of the guy next to Fisher.

He had a pretty good 1987 for a Pirates team that finished near the bottom of the division.

159 Mike Fitzgerald - As much as I love the old Expos jerseys and hats, this picture is too overexposed to like. It's overexposed AND shadowey... good work Donruss.

What do Mike Fitzgerald and Braves prospect Jordan Shafer have in common? They both hit a home run in their first Major League at bat and both did it against the Phillies. Fitzgerald did it three years before Shafer was born though.

4 Alan Trammell – Diamond King - Trammell looks like a King of the Hill character in this painting.

625 The Ripken Baseball Family - This is a horrible scan of a horrible picture. What could be a great card with my favorite player ever, turned into one of those "oh shit here comes Aunt Martha with a camera, pretend to like each other" pictures.

151 Bill Wegman - More typical of Donruss photography. Bad, bad.

626 Pat Perry - Another terrible photo.

502 Angel Salazar - I remember pulling this card years ago and thinking just because of the look on his face that I didn't like Angel Salazar. Twenty years later, I still don't like Angel Salazar.

Based on his numbers, there's not a lot to like. In 2008, Andruw Jones fared marginally better at the plate... that's saying something... something bad.

369 Eric Davis - This would be a pretty good looking picture if the colors weren't so washed out.

237 Marvell Wynne - This picture had to have been taken during spring training 1988 because in 1987, Marvell wore number 7. Keith Moreland wore 7 in 1988 and Wynne wore number 16.

Also the black line on the left side of the reverse is screwed up. I thought it was a scanner defect at first, but it's actually the card.

105 Mike Pagliarulo - Another bad picture.

95 Chros Bando - When you can see the bottom of the batter's front foot, and his back leg is that close to the ground he will never generate any power.

85 Jim Deshaies - I assume he's just delivered the pitch, but it looks strange. I do like the old Astros uniform though.

And there's pack five. No picture of the puzzle tonight because my camera is dead. Hopefully I'll remember to get new batteries tomorrow so we can see more puzzle.

I like the Hershiser card a lot, but the nicest looking photograph in this pack was probaby the Scott Bailes card.


Andy said...

I love that you're posting all the cards.

Fat Rat Phillies Fan said...

You mentioned first homers on two guys, both against the Phillies - can tell you - there are TONS of firsts against the Phillies!!

A Makeup Art by Ashley said...

Greg said he was a rookie in 1986 not in 1987, hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail him at

firstyear said...

I never really understood that Ripken Family card. Why? said...

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