Friday, March 27, 2009

Pack Ten, two mullets and a checklist

Pack 10 +12
336 Tim Belcher
72 Harold Baines
482 Checklist
392 Don Carman
120 Kurt Stillwell
148 Jeff Reardon
283 Mitch Williams
237 Rafael Palmeiro
394 Ken Howell
94 Doyle Alexander
324 Jim Clancy
5 Dave Schmidt

With this pack, I'm one quarter of the way through the set with no doubles yet. At this pace, I hope to be close to 80% complete when the box is empty. I learned my lesson with '87 Topps and I will not buy a second box of Bowman. That second box of '87 was more frustrating than fun with horrible collation, don't want to risk that a second time.

I don't have a whole to to say about any particular player in this pack, but I do want to look at a two mullets. I have long hair, but equally lengthy (I'm a metal head, don't try to change me) but I just don't get mullets. I just don't see the draw of the mullet. Who the hell ever thought it would be a good idea to cut their hair short on the top and sides and let it hang down in the back? I'm sorry, there is no justifiable excuse for having a mullet.

Who ever wrote the Wikipedia entry on mullets must be a mullet person because the article goes way out of its way to justify what it calls the mullet subculture. Mullets are no more a subculture than the afro.

Well. Now that I've gotten that out of my system... Here's a checklist.

I've always been a fan of old school checklists and I like them as part of the set. The checklists in '09 Topps base and Heritage are fine too and the team checklists in Upper Deck are ok. But there's just something nice about a dedicated checklist.

But I know not everyone likes to have a checklist included as a numbered card in the set. The checklists in '89 Bowman are a good compromise for everyone. They're numered into the set, but they're the final four cards. I prefer checklists to break the set into parts, but this is ok too.

To end this strange post, everyone have a look at a goofy shot of Doyle Alexander.

'89 was Alexander's final year.


Howard Bagby said...

Alexander really helped the Tigers and they only gave up some guy named Smoltz. I wonder whatever happened to him?