Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pack eleven

Pack 11 +6
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
293 Vance Law
42 Mike Witt
385 Keith Hernandez
454 Sandy Alomar, Jr.
198 Carney Lansford
304 Danny Jackson

470 Terry Kennedy
179 Dave Winfield
372 Ron Darling
343 Rick Dempsey
147 Fred Toliver
294 Shawon Dunston

The first appearance of doubles. The frustration in opening two boxes of 1987 Topps was the blocks of doubles. It was very rare to have one duplicate card appearing alone in a pack, it happened, but no more than five or six times in 72 packs. Most doubles come in blocks like we see here. This particular block was from pack seven.

I'm hoping the box doesn't go sour from here, but this was the one frustration I didn't want to encounter so early on.

This is Topps collation of the 80's for anyone interested, and if you open enough boxes of this stuff you can begin to piece back together full printing sheets just based on what cards are in what order.

Even with only six new cards, the pack wasn't a complete bust. Here's a Hall of Famer:

Come back tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be as frustrated with the next pack. And look out for the final '09 Topps Series 1 post on 1988 Score sometime tomorrow afternoon (the last three cards were in my mailbox today).