Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pack Twelve

Pack 12 +12
226 Jeff Russell
347 Mickey Hatcher
460 John Kruk
257 Jesse Barfield
242 Todd Stottlemyer
238 Pete Incaviglia
183 Roberto Kelly
355 Kevin Gross
449 Eddie Whitson
376 Doc Gooden
206 Erik Hanson
100 Frank Williams

First we'll have a look at today's reprint card.

1951 Bowman Whitey Ford. Something went horribly, horribly wrong here. It looks a little like Whitey, but the hat is terrible. There are lumps where there shouldn't be lumps and the logo is too high. I know it's not possible to perfectly recreate a photograph, but look at the Willie Mays card, it's beautiful. Whitey just didn't fare too well (I'm sure there's some sort of racial joke to be made there if you really try).

Moving right along, to a sad note.

It was no secret that Frank Williams had problems since the end of his relatively short career. I didn't realize that he died in January at the age of 50. Here's an article written in 2007 about his time on the streets, and another just after his death.

And next is a story just about as tragic, but without the unhappy ending.

What could he have done without drugs and injuries? 300 wins? Hall of Fame?

Not a bad pack and no doubles. Hopefully yesterday's pack was a fluke.