Friday, April 3, 2009

Pack Seventeen

Pack 17 +12
307 Bo Diaz
417 Mike LaValliere
370 Dave Martinez
374 Randy Myers
35 Dwight Evans
83 Andy Allanson
349 John Shelby
104 Al Pedrique
382 Tim Teufel
234 Rick Leach
134 Chris Bosio
180 Stan Jefferson

Not much in the way of interesting cards today. There's not a single player in this pack that made me scratch my head and ask "who?" Rick Leach threw me at first, but then I started thinking "didn't he play for the Giants?" I'm not entirely sure how I remembered that, but a check at Baseball Reference shows that he did play for the Giants in 1990.

I remember an obscure baseball player because he played for the Giants for one season 19 years ago and I can't remember to take my shopping list with me to the grocery store. grrr

This box's fascination with death continues here with Bo Diaz, who was memorably killed in a satellite dish accident.

The only point of interest in this pack was the reprint card:

1953 Bowman Mickey Mantle. With this card, I'm only one card short of having all the reprints. Interestingly enough the last reprint is also a Mantle (his '51 rookie card). Even in 1989 Topps was flooding the market with Mickey Mantle.