Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pack 18 - Halfway Home.

Pack 18 +12
395 Steve Bedrosian
442 Willie McGee
126 Bo Jackson
172 Don Slaught
34 Mike Greenwell
310 Ron Oester
255 Tom Lawless
302 Rick Mahler
199 Glen Hubbard
181 Rickey Henderson
408 Curt Ford
318 Mark Portugal

Here we are at the halfway point. This is actually a really good day for the mid point of the box. To celebrate Opening Night 2009, I can start opening the second half of the box.

Pack number 36 will be opened on April 22. That day coincides with the final game of a three game series between the Braves and Nationals in DC. My prediction: At the end of play on April 22, the Braves will be 9-6. There it is, I'm sticking to it.

As to today's cards. Nothing great, but I did get the other new Hall of Famer.

Not much more to say.