Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The break won't be a long one...

Ok... so I said I was gonna take a month, but I really like having something to open every day. And being the lucky (contingent on a drug test that I can't possibly fail) recipient of a new job today, I figured I'd celebrate with a $5 box of 1988 Donruss.

I realize most people hate this set, but please, please keep reading. I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable break as I belittle every aspect of a horrible, horrible set.

Also, for anyone interested in 1988 Fleer, here's a list of doubles I have for trade:

9, 40, 50, 51, 88, 115, 128, 141, 148, 153, 158, 196, 208, 246, 251(x 2), 267, 278, 341, 363, 365, 375, 380, 394, 404, 433, 445, 448, 449, 468, 473, 487, 492, 515, 558, 590, 607, 612, 622

I've also done a small post on my wants list site about what I'm looking for in trades, so have a quick read over that.

Anyhoo... I guess I'll start working on banners for 1988 Donruss and I'll post a few different possibilities.


night owl said...

Congrats on the job. And belittling a bad set could be a lot of fun.

Ben said...

Oh it will be fun... and I'm trying to make the new banner just as ugly as the set.

But I'm putting too much effort into it... my first attempt actually looks pretty nice.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

As someone, who LOVED this set as a kid, I cannot wait, and I have a bunch of '88 D-Russ waiting if you need any at the end of the box.

Andy said...

I liked 88 Donruss as a kid, but not as much as the 3 other sets from that year. Quite recently, I tried to do a "Lets give 88 Donruss some love" post on my blog and was going to point out some of the nice photos from that set, but I couldn't find ANY. I'm quite serious. I will be interested to see if you can find any really nice photos.