Saturday, June 27, 2009

1988 Donruss Coming Soon...

New banner is up, some different paint on the walls.

As I'm watching the Braves and Red Sox, I'll be digging out all the '88 Donruss I can find and decide how I want to go about this. I've got a pretty good sized stack of cards, maybe as much as a third of the set, so maybe I can get a complete set with the box. We'll see.

Even though I do have a substantial chunk of the set, I'm going to treat this box as starting from scratch and then fill in the holes with cards I already had.

Hopefully the box will show up Monday or Tuesday and we'll get started.

Maybe I'll even be able to put together the whole puzzle!


Dave said...

Seriously, email me if you are looking to fill any holes in the set. I got 3 or 4 boxes of this from my father in law, and I have duplicate upon duplicate. I may be able to send you some, no strings attached.

Ben said...

I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the offer :).

When I made the decision to break boxes of all the '88 sets, I said I could probably just post my name and address on all the trading forums and sit back and wait for boxes and boxes of '88 Donruss to come pouring in.

Read along and shoot me an email in a little over a month and we'll see what I need.