Monday, June 29, 2009

Pack One

Pack one can be found here.

But here's the stats...

Pack 1 +13 (with 2 MVP inserts)
499 Tracy Woodson
367 Lloyd Moseby
235 Bill Doran
103 Mickey Tettleton
93 Dave Righetti
83 Shane Rawley
414 Damaso Garcia
158 Terry Steinbach
149 Frank Viola
BC-4 Mike Schmidt
498 Sam Horn
BC-6 Tony Gwynn
501 Ken Schrom
368 Kirby Puckett
236 Milt Thompson

Best Card

Here's the puzzle pieces for the first pack. Tomorrow I'm going to clean off a spot to lay out the puzzle so I can add to it every day.


Is anyone interested in seeing every card from the pack? I'm thinking it would be nice to scan the entire pack, and if I do it every day, it woudln't take that much time.

I think starting tomorrow, and until I get tired of doing it, you'll get to see every card. I may not comment on all of them, but I'll post them all.


night owl said...

I enjoy seeing every card of pack breaks (or at least most of them). It makes it more interesting.

Captain Canuck said...


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'm completely intrigued by the players in the background of the Puckett card. What unis are those? I never heard of turn back the clock in 1987. The first time I heard of it was when the White Sox did it in 1990.

Ben said...

Baltimore maybe? The dugout looks a bit like Memorial Stadium and the Orioles did wear a hat with a white front panel back then.

But those hats look white all the way aroud. So I don't know.

Baltimore is my guess though.