Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pack Thirty-Five

Pack 35 +0
(duplicates are indicated by bold text)
394 Ivan Calderon
515 Jeff Hamilton
622 Slugging Sophomores (Wally Joyner/Cory Snyder)
547 Gerald Perry
558 Jim Dwyer
445 Glenn Davis
380 Mike Morgan
647 Major League Prospects (Chris Gwynn/Peter Smith)
51 Doyle Alexander
492 Ruppert Jones
468 Greg Harris
88 Jeff Leonard
278 Storm Davis
590 Shane Mack
363 Kevin Romine


Ok. I can accept this. Two packs of doubles out of the whole box (assuming the final pack isn't full of doubles). That's not so bad, really. Yes I've lost two full packs, which is annoying as hell, but that's only 30 cards.

Here's hoping the last pack isn't a big let down.