Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pack Thirty Two

Pack 32 +15
454 Craig Reynolds
381 John Moses
32 Curt Ford
63 Bill Madlock
495 Gary Lucas
479 Ruben Sierra
82 Scott Garrelts
276 Jose Canseco
576 Shawn Abner
366 Jeff Sellers
130 Gary Carter
218 Willie Randolph
332 Bob Kipper
16 Tim Laudner
297 Luis Aguayo

Here I am back after a few days off to finish the box. This pack gets us back on track after that pack full of doubles.

Gary looks disappointed about something that happened. Maybe he let the game tying run cross the plate.

Here's a nice looking shot of Ruben Sierra taking off from home. He looks like he's stepping on his bat though.

But the real reason I'm showing this picture is the wrist bands. Who is that on the bands? I ask because way back in pack number 1 we saw another pair of similar wrist bands.

Any ideas?

And finally, Jose Canseco. This would have been one of the big pulls of the box back in 1988, and it's a good looking card. But look at his bat. It looks like it's bent in half... a little curvature is always natural, but...

That's it for tonight. We're almost there.


Andy said...

I think a number of players in this era had wristbands showing their own likeness on them. I'm not sure if it was on my blogs or somebody else's, but I think there are examples on cards for Eddie Murray and Larry Herndon.