Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pack Thirty-Three

Pack 33 +15
294 Terry Steinbach
580 Joey Cora
358 Al Nipper
136 Keith Hernandez
222 Tim Stoddard
152 Tim Teufel
11 Greg Gagne
309 Mike Maddux
605 Joe Carter
239 Barry Larkin
636 Tried and True Sluggers (Mike Schmidt/Gary Carter)
453 Dave Meads
406 Fred Manrique
415 Andre Dawson
163 Rob Deer

Here's another pretty good pack nearing the end of the box.

Well well well... Gary Carter looks like he's taken too much ecstasy and Schmidt's face says "please get me away from him... he's touching me."

Even if it is an awkward, at best, card, it's always nice to see two Hall of Famers on one card.

And here's a guy that will be in the Hall:

Does anyone know if Larkin ever signs TTM? He's one that I'd really like to have an autograph of, and since he's working with MLB Network there should be a good address for me.

This is a great looking card with the red jersey and red in the border.

And here's one that probably should be in the Hall:

This is a great shot at Wrigley. Dawson is taking off out of the box and I really like how in focus the clumps of dirt are.

Three to go.