Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pack Twenty-One

Pack 21 +14
(upgraded cards are indicated by bold blue text)
172 Earnest Riles
543 Dion James
571 Dave Schmidt
458 Denny Walling
371 Mickey Brantley
37 Lance Johnson
56 Mike Heath
500 Donnie Moore
473 Oddibe McDowell
86 Mike LaCoss
282 Jay Howell
594 Randy Ready
346 Tom Bolton
151 Darryl Strawberry
209 Rickey Henderson

Pack Ripping Music: While Heaven Wept: Of Empires Forlorn (2002) - Epic doom from Virginia.

No video from these guys, they're pretty obscure.

Here's some cards.

This card should explain a lot.

Foul ball off the ankle. I think the photographer got him just the split second before the pain hit him.

So what does this explain?

It explains this. See the guy in the yellow? He's in the far left of Ready's card. So now we know, Jack Murphy Stadium.

Here's a good looking shot of Strawberry at Wrigley. I think Strawberry's just hit something up the middle, but he's not prepared to run, so maybe it was a caught line drive.

New Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson doing something on the basepaths.

Knowing what happened to this guy makes his cards hard to look at. He looks so haunted in every picture I've ever seen.

Y'all come back tomorrow.