Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pack Twenty

Pack 20 +15
330 Brett Gideon
5 Tom Brunansky
238 Bill Landrum
106 Jim Clancy
253 Thad Bosley
27 Vince Coleman
349 Roger Clemens
183 Tom Foley
613 Doug Jones
434 Jim Sundberg
398 Ozzie Guillen
526 John Shelby
165 Jim Gantner
531 Jim Acker
554 Jeff Ballard

Pack Ripping Music: Dark Tranquillity: Fiction (2007)

That is without a doubt one of the best music videos ever made, and I'm not a fan of the typical music video. The song is "Terminus (Where Death is Most Alive)."

Anyhoo, here are some cards...

Let's start with a guy I've never heard of. He was originally drafted by the Astros in 1983 but didn't sign. In 1985 he was drafted and signed with the Pirates. After working his way up through the Prates system he made his Major League debut on July 5, 1987. He pitched 36.2 innings in 1987 to a 1-5 record.

On March 28, 1989 he was traded to the Expos for pitcher Neal Heaton. Heaton would eventually become an All Star with the Pirates and Gideon pitched a total of 5.2 innings the rest of his Major League career. His numbers weren't terrible so I don't know why he didn't get more of a chance in the big leagues. He stuck around in the minors until 1992.

Here's a good shot of Vince Coleman at Wrigley. One thing that really stands out about this card is that the fans in the background are very much in focus.

Look at Coleman's stolen base numbers in the minors. 145 at Macon in '83.

Here's current ChiSox manager Ozzie Guillen as a young man.

Here's another one where the fans in the background are very in focus. I wonder if any baseball card collector has ever found himself in the background of a card?

That's second baseman Steve Lombardozzi in the background.

And there's pack 20.